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Updated: 07/02/05
Webmaster: Bob Marley
Company Founder: Mike Middleton, 1937-2005
Michael Charles Middleton was born in Flint Michigan and moved to Phoenix in 1941. He cherished childhood memories of time spent with his grandpa Charlie learning how to wind the perfect radio coil. He later taught soldering and repaired TV's for his uncle Herman and his father, Phoenix's "TV Leo". He served in the U.S. Air Force in the late 50's as a radar repair technician in the remote areas of Montana and Alaska. He worked his way through Engineering school as a technician and eventually became a Senior Design Engineer for Motorola, General Electric, and Honeywell. In 1982 he left the corporate world to start his own business winding transformers on the kitchen table with his father, wife and daughters. Twenty-five years later found him acting as a chief engineer for a multi-million dollar local company owned by his wife and run by his daughter, Bonnie. His was and remains a family business.

His practical knowledge of mechanical and electrical equipment was beyond compare. You had a car problem; he would know what was wrong after you described the symptoms. Your air-conditioner didn't work; he could help you fix it. You wanted to know something about a favorite hobby; he knew about that also. You needed a welder or a router or some exotic tool; he had those, knew how to use them, and was more than willing to let you borrow them. He was extremely well versed, possessing practical information about almost everything. He'll also be fondly remembered for his creative writing skills and his mischievous sense of adventure.

Mike loved primitive lifestyles and the great friends he found in an Alaskan Eskimo village and on a Mexican cattle ranch. He could go native in seconds. He took great pride in having been a "doggone good engineer", a loving husband, and supportive father and grandfather.

Looking back, he was proud of his life's accomplishments, as are we.