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Updated: 04/02/05
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What We Manufacture:
Antennas: VHF and UHF antennas for use in hearing aids and their associated transmitters. We also make 60KHz antennas for underground impulse drills.
Coils: Millions of 'spring' air coils for RF applications.
Fixed Transformers and Inductors: We wind EI, 2 piece, toroid, rod and other shape cores. For RF applications, we wind many air core parts.
Variable Transformers and Inductors: IF cans for the radio broadcast industry, we make very stable adjustable pot core parts.
Frequency Range: Our parts cover the spectrum from sub-audio to 1 GHz.
Power Rating: Our parts span from milliwatts to a few hundred watts.
Physical Size: If you can hold the part in one hand, we can probably wind it.
Packaging/Mounting: We make the following parts and their variations: 'Open' construction, Conformal coated, Potted, Through hole mount, Surface mount
Our parts and manufacturing processes conform to applicable military and safety specifications including those below:

  AS9003 Inspection and Test Quality System
  MIL-T-27 Transformers and Inductors, General Spec ...
  MIL-PRF-27 Transformers and Inductors, General Spec ...
  MIL-STD-105 Sampling Procedures
  MIL-STD-981 Design and Quality Standards for Space ...
  MIL-Q-9858 Quality Program Requirements
  MIL-I-45208 Inspection System Requirements